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21st Apr 14:28 c3c2c91: Fix html manual for the Packard Bell Vibe 500.
manual/plugins/xworld.tex [diff]
Szymon Dziok
10th Apr 21:30 91be7ab: Fix snake plugin manual

I copied the direction button description from snake2 manual, as both snakes seem to have the same controls. No guarantee however :)
manual/plugins/snake.tex [diff]
Sebastian Leonhardt
19th Apr 16:13 2e58102: configure: harden arch autodetected a bit

Some arm gcc versions have multiple cpp symbols beginning with __ARM_ARCH, but want only the one that contains the arch version.
tools/configure [diff]
Thomas Martitz
1st Apr 16:15 d8ee5fc: 2048: Cleanup

- more whitespace to enhance readability
- better/fixed/more comments ;)
- some minor optimizations
- general code cleanup
apps/plugins/2048.c [diff]
Franklin Wei
19th Apr 10:33 2453363: Add Thomas White to CREDITS
docs/CREDITS [diff]
Thomas Martitz
11th Mar 21:43 d5ead5c: Don't shorten the playlist on shuffle. Fixes FS #13040
apps/playlist_viewer.c [diff]
Thomas White
8th Apr 07:46 ea334cf: Rename 'expanded' to 'expended'. Was this a typo?
apps/plugins/boomshine.lua [diff]
Christ van Willegen
10th Apr 22:27 06e76a3: Chopper game improvement

This tiny patch gives the player a bit time to overlook the terrain and move the thumb to the action button.
apps/plugins/chopper.c [diff]
Sebastian Leonhardt
10th Apr 16:56 f145660: Norwegian language update (FS #13041)
apps/lang/norsk.lang [diff]
docs/CREDITS [diff]
Åka Sikrom
14th Feb 23:42 f775870: AMS: Fix pop-clicks noise on play/stop.

This noise itroduced by starting/stopping I2SO MCLK. Enable MCLK permanently fix it.
firmware/target/arm/as3525/pcm-as3525.c [diff]
Mihail Zenkov
8th Apr 07:45 926829c: Re-seed the random generator for each new game.
apps/plugins/boomshine.lua [diff]
Christ van Willegen

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