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Saturday 18:16 c626fe7: atj213x: e100/150 lcd test binary
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/Makefile [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/atj213x.h [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/crt0.S [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/irq_handler.S [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/mips-archdefs.h [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/mips.h [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/rockboxlogo.240x74x16.c [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/system-atj213x.c [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/ [new]
utils/atj2137/adfuload/test_binary/lcm/test_lcm.c [new]
Marcin Bukat
13th Oct 19:21 fe519c7 G#1010: Enable battery charging detection for iBasso DX50/DX90.

This changes iBasso DX50/DX90 config from CHARGING_SIMPLE (Simple, hardware controlled charging (CPU cannot read charger state but may read when power is plugged-in) to CHARGING_MONITOR (Hardware controlled charging with monitoring
(CPU is able to read HW charging state and when power is plugged-in)).

Not really usefull at the moment, since USB connection (charging) is not (yet) gracefully handled for iBasso devices.
firmware/export/config/ibassodx50.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/ibassodx90.h [diff]
firmware/target/hosted/android/dx50/powermgmt-dx50.c [diff]
Udo Schläfer
Friday 13:19 ac928ed G#1016: Update of the Serbian translation
apps/lang/srpski.lang [diff]
Ivan Pesic
11th May 13:45 1e7b93a G#808: Fixed disktidy bug and added a couple of new features to disktidy.

The following updates were made to disktidy:
- Fixed bug FS #12825. disktidy now checks subdirectories again for files to delete.
- Use iterative rather than recursive method to traverse file system.
- Once disktidy finishes a run it now returns to it's main menu rather than exiting.
- Added "Last Run Stats" view to disktidy. This shows how many files and directories were deleted in the last run as well as the total size of those files, the length of time the run took and when the run took place (for players with RTC).
- Added "Playback Control" option to disktidy main menu.

Tested: Franklin Wei
apps/plugins/disktidy.c [diff]
Richard Burke
8th Oct 14:47 877bd98: YH820: Add a forgotten define in aa8ba60.
apps/recorder/keyboard.c [diff]
Szymon Dziok
8th Oct 14:29 aa8ba60: YH820/YH92X: Properly enable morse input.
apps/keymaps/keymap-yh8xx_yh9xx.c [diff]
apps/recorder/keyboard.c [diff]
firmware/export/config/samsungyh820.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/samsungyh920.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/samsungyh925.h [diff]
Szymon Dziok
8th Oct 08:36 91bd7f1: YH820/YH92X: Fix keymap for custom settings.
apps/keymaps/keymap-yh8xx_yh9xx.c [diff]
Szymon Dziok
8th Oct 14:28 40a2ac4: regtools/socdesc: fix red
utils/regtools/lib/soc_desc.cpp [diff]
Amaury Pouly
29th Sep 20:05 8b8b854 G#994: Fix USB speed detection

Tested: Mihail Zenkov
bootloader/sansa_as3525.c [diff]
Mihail Zenkov
3rd Oct 08:04 037547d: Manual: add missing calendar image for M:Robe 100.
manual/plugins/images/ss-calendar-160x128x1.png [new]
Szymon Dziok
2nd Oct 22:20 193ea09: Samsung yh820/yh92x: add HID keymaps.
apps/keymaps/keymap-yh8xx_yh9xx.c [diff]
firmware/export/config/samsungyh820.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/samsungyh920.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/samsungyh925.h [diff]
Szymon Dziok
2nd Oct 18:58 174523a: YH920: fix the battery capacity.
firmware/export/config/samsungyh920.h [diff]
Szymon Dziok
2nd Oct 18:39 5640cb1: Manual: add default battery capacity for M:Robe 100.
manual/configure_rockbox/system_options.tex [diff]
Szymon Dziok
2nd Oct 17:48 f33d544: Manual: add M:Robe 100 to the appendices.
manual/appendix/config_file_options.tex [diff]
manual/appendix/file_formats.tex [diff]
Szymon Dziok
2nd Oct 14:08 f313253: Manual: add M:Robe 100 to "Using ROLO" subsection.
manual/advanced_topics/main.tex [diff]
Szymon Dziok
2nd Oct 12:16 26a486e: Manual: Unify and simplify manual uninstallation for couple targets.
manual/getting_started/installation.tex [diff]
manual/platform/iriverh10.tex [diff]
manual/platform/iriverh10_5gb.tex [diff]
manual/platform/mrobe100.tex [diff]
manual/platform/vibe500.tex [diff]
Szymon Dziok
17th Sep 21:10 4a396ac G#970: ipod6g, ata: Fix audio drop off while waiting for ata not busy

Tested: Nial Shui
firmware/target/arm/s5l8702/ipod6g/storage_ata-ipod6g.c [diff]
28th Aug 19:15 f5e2c25 G#938: iPod Classic: Fix bidirectional clickwheel communication.

This restores functionality that was broken in g#194 and committed as revision 7ec426e497daa1b4a6082bf4e4e3df687b11db44.

Bidirectional communication is required to ask the clickwheel controller for the initial button state during boot. Otherwise our driver would only know about pressed buttons when the first change event is received, which is too late for e.g. prevention of USB connection during boot.

This fix is also required to support the selection of OF, Rockbox, Disk Mode, etc. in the iPod Classic Rockbox bootloader.

Tested: Michael Sparmann
firmware/target/arm/ipod/button-clickwheel.c [diff]
Steffen Butzer
28th Sep 23:10 7c20d8f: Fix compilation on amsv1.
firmware/target/arm/as3525/debug-as3525.c [diff]
Michael Giacomelli
27th Sep 17:53 4991544 G#990: New Rockblox features

- Add "Ghost piece" feature
- on 1-bit displays, it's too hard to distinguish from "real" pieces, should it be disabled?
- Show what your score is when you get a high score
- Indent

Tested: Franklin Wei
apps/plugins/rockblox.c [diff]
Franklin Wei
28th Sep 19:08 f014a76 G#991: Add various additional AS3525v2 SOC voltages to the debug screen.

Tested: Michael Giacomelli
firmware/target/arm/as3525/debug-as3525.c [diff]
Michael Giacomelli
27th Sep 22:26 23dc0b0 G#989: Don't enable the current sink for the Clip Zip backlight until its actually needed.

Patch by Mihail Zenkov who measured a modest increase in power consumption with the current sink enabled.

Tested: Michael Giacomelli
firmware/target/arm/as3525/sansa-clipzip/backlight-clipzip.c [diff]
Mihail Zenkov
27th Sep 21:58 02414bf G#988: Make sure the USB PHY is disabled after use. Patch by Mihail Zenkov who has measured several milliamps power reduction from having the PHY disabled.

Tested: Michael Giacomelli
docs/CREDITS [diff]
firmware/target/arm/usb-s3c6400x.c [diff]
Mihail Zenkov
16th Sep 16:28 515a3c5 G#981: Add ptable to SOURCES
apps/plugins/SOURCES [diff]
Franklin Wei
24th Sep 22:24 be9c227: Don't require a specific BUILD_TOOLS_VERSION.

Pick anything with the correct major version, which should be good enough.

Currently we want sdk version 19, which has tools that come as 19.0.3 or 19.1.0, depending on when exactly the sdk was installed. Both work fine for rockbox, so accepting both is useful.
android/android.make [diff]
Frank Gevaerts

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