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Yesterday 23:34 2a1e9eb: Reverting 4327cbc9b8886e

I do testing incorrectly: fix don't work as expected.
rbutil/mkamsboot/dualboot/dualboot.S [diff]
Mihail Zenkov
17th Apr 14:31 4327cbc: C2X0v2: use GPIO to check button state in dualboot

C240v2 freeze on booting OF if SD card inserted. Use GPIO instead DBOP should help.
rbutil/mkamsboot/dualboot/dualboot.S [diff]
Mihail Zenkov
22nd Apr 20:42 18fecd9: Update runtime estimation after recent power optimizations.

Values taken from Mihail's Clip Zip, should be similar on all AMSv2 devices.
firmware/export/config/sansaclipplus.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/sansaclipv2.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/sansaclipzip.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/sansafuzev2.h [diff]
Michael Giacomelli
22nd Apr 10:17 7cb1e5a: Fix AMSv2 variant 1 detection if rockbox loaded from SD card
bootloader/sansa_as3525.c [diff]
firmware/rolo.c [diff]
Mihail Zenkov
20th Apr 13:53 79ca6d4: AMS: enable SD card support in bootloader

With this changes rockbox can be loaded from SD card when internal storage can't be mount (due to hardware or software problem).
firmware/export/config/sansac200v2.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/sansaclipplus.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/sansaclipzip.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/sansae200v2.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/sansafuze.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/sansafuzev2.h [diff]
Mihail Zenkov
12th Apr 22:14 6548dc2: Manual: Add missing plugins

The text is usually only a short description taken from the wiki and don't contain screenshots or keymaps, but should be better than nothing. :)

Added manual entries:
- Boomshine
- Dict
- main_menu_config
- Matrix
- Maze (including keymap)
- PDbox
- Superdom Additional changes/fixes:
- fix "Clix" alphabetical order
- add Frotz & ZXBox to games preamble
manual/advanced_topics/main.tex [diff]
manual/plugins/boomshine.tex [new]
manual/plugins/dict.tex [new]
manual/plugins/fft.tex [new]
manual/plugins/frotz.tex [diff]
manual/plugins/main.tex [diff]
manual/plugins/main_menu_config.tex [new]
manual/plugins/matrix.tex [new]
manual/plugins/maze.tex [new]
manual/plugins/pdbox.tex [new]
manual/plugins/superdom.tex [new]
Sebastian Leonhardt
13th Apr 21:10 8a0360d: AMSv2: enable voltage scaling
firmware/export/config/sansaclipplus.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/sansaclipv2.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/sansaclipzip.h [diff]
firmware/export/config/sansafuzev2.h [diff]
Mihail Zenkov
3rd Apr 20:14 c90d42d: jz4670_tools: add usbboot tool, tweak Makefile and packtool

Although the jz4740 contains a similar tool to usbboot, its command-line interface is not very useful, also it does not compile by default because it relies on some external code, and it contains code specific to some JZ4740 devices.
utils/jz4760_tools/Makefile [diff]
utils/jz4760_tools/packtools.cpp [diff]
utils/jz4760_tools/usbboot.c [new]
Amaury Pouly
7th Feb 20:50 4934bd6: hwstub: remove the old library
utils/hwstub/include/hwstub.h [deleted]
utils/hwstub/lib/Makefile [diff]
utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub.c [deleted]
Amaury Pouly
7th Feb 20:48 5ac0166: qeditor: port to the new hwstub library and add features

This commit adds support for the version of the hwstub library, which requires a lot of changes. It also adds some editing features, such as register access and much better editing of fields using the mouse (double click on a field to be able to resize and move it).
utils/imxtools/misc/map.h [diff]
utils/regtools/qeditor/backend.cpp [diff]
utils/regtools/qeditor/backend.h [diff]
utils/regtools/qeditor/mainwindow.cpp [diff]
utils/regtools/qeditor/ [diff]
utils/regtools/qeditor/regdisplaypanel.cpp [diff]
utils/regtools/qeditor/regedit.cpp [diff]
utils/regtools/qeditor/regedit.h [diff]
utils/regtools/qeditor/regtab.cpp [diff]
utils/regtools/qeditor/utils.cpp [diff]
utils/regtools/qeditor/utils.h [diff]
Amaury Pouly
19th Mar 20:18 cc4c9b7: regtools: add register access to soc desc

Registers (and variants) can now specify the type of access supported:
- unspecified: for variant means same as register, for register defaults R/W
- read/write
- read only
- write only Backward compatibility is preserved by setting access to unspecified by default.
utils/regtools/desc/regs-vsoc2000.xml [diff]
utils/regtools/include/soc_desc.hpp [diff]
utils/regtools/lib/soc_desc.cpp [diff]
Amaury Pouly
7th Feb 20:46 f6c61eb: hwstub: port hwstub_shell to the new library

Also use this opportunity to cleanup support for multiple devices: the shell now supports dynamic changes in the device and will call init() everytime a new device is selected, to prepare a new environment. The shell now honors register width on register read/write. The shell also provides access to variants as follows by creating a subtable under the register using the variant type in UPPER case and having the same layout as a register. For example if register HW.GPIO.DIR has variants "set" and "clr", those can be used like this: HW.GPIO.DIR.SET.write(0xff) HW.GPIO.DIR.CLR.write(0xff00)
utils/hwstub/tools/hwstub_shell.cpp [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/init.lua [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/lua/atj.lua [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/lua/help.lua [new]
utils/hwstub/tools/lua/jz.lua [new]
utils/hwstub/tools/lua/load.lua [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/lua/pp.lua [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/lua/rk27xx.lua [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/lua/stmp.lua [diff]
Amaury Pouly
7th Feb 20:45 a2f4c52: hwstub: port hwstub_load to the new library
utils/hwstub/tools/hwstub_load.cpp [diff]
Amaury Pouly
7th Feb 20:42 3d8a08c: hwstub: rewrite and expand library

Rewrite the hwstub library in C++, with a clean and modular design. The library was designed from the ground up to be aware of multithreading issues and to handle memory allocation nicely with shared pointers.

Compared to the original library, it brings the following major features:
- support for JZ boot devices, it is very easy to add support for others
- support for network transparent operations (through sockets): both tcp and unix domains are support
utils/hwstub/hwstub_protocol.h [deleted]
utils/hwstub/include/hwstub.h [new]
utils/hwstub/include/hwstub.hpp [new]
utils/hwstub/include/hwstub_net.hpp [new]
utils/hwstub/include/hwstub_protocol.h [new]
utils/hwstub/include/hwstub_uri.hpp [new]
utils/hwstub/include/hwstub_usb.hpp [new]
utils/hwstub/include/hwstub_virtual.hpp [new]
utils/hwstub/lib/Makefile [diff]
utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub.cpp [new]
utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub.h [deleted]
utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub_net.cpp [new]
utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub_protocol.h [deleted]
utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub_uri.cpp [new]
utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub_usb.cpp [new]
utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub_virtual.cpp [new]
utils/hwstub/stub/hwstub.make [diff]
utils/hwstub/stub/protocol.h [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/Makefile [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/hwstub_server.cpp [new]
utils/hwstub/tools/hwstub_test.cpp [new]
Amaury Pouly
3rd Apr 20:32 56dc54d: soc_desc: add default constructors to most structures

After being caught by several bugs of the type "let's forgot to initialize a field to default value", I'm finally fixing this.
utils/regtools/include/soc_desc.hpp [diff]
Amaury Pouly
8th Jan 01:17 45a02dc: Plugin 2048: Optimize for 128x96 screen
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/SOURCES [diff]
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_background.88x88x24.bmp [new]
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/_2048_tiles.19x19x24.bmp [new]
Sebastian Leonhardt
7th Apr 08:28 c537e05: Fix (D)EBUG compilation
firmware/drivers/fat.c [diff]
Mihail Zenkov

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